Thought of the Day ~ March 4, 2015

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Science: A Gift of the Heart

Science: A Gift of the Heart.  Whatever side of the GMO debate you are on, there is no doubt that science does keep us safe and healthy.  Amy and her family are good people.  Farmers are what keep us eating, and they need all the support they can get in these times.

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Snow Days and Snacking

It looks like it might be one of those winter weather stay home weeks for the most part.  Emma was off from school on Monday for a Teacher Work Day.  Monday night we got sleet and ice.  School was canceled yesterday and today due to the very cold temperatures freezing whatever managed to melt.  Tonight, there is supposed to be another little burst of snow showers tonight which may or may not mess up the roads again for tomorrow…at least for the morning.

Anyway, so why is it that when there is severe weather, be it a winter storm or hurricane, I feel the need to stock up on snack food?  I have just given in to the inevitable and enjoyed the oatmeal cream pies I bought.  Now, I have to make sure we eat it all this week, so it will be gone by the time we get back to our normal routine.  On a positive note, I cooked actual sit-down-at-the-dining-room table meals for dinner all week.

Diet Funny

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